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3 Simple Rules For New Ideas

By on November 14, 2014
So how do we decide which idea is implemented first? And how do we know if it’s a good idea to try it? 

These simple criteria will help you get some clarity:

  1. The Numbers

What impact might it have on your KPIs?

If it will reduce profit – how will you sell more to make up for it?

What are the numbers currently and what are you aiming for?

Is this achievable given everything else?

  1. Measurement

How will you know if it has been a success?

What records will be kept to ensure results are accurate?

Who is responsible for collecting the results?

When will you monitor the results and what will you compare them to?

  1. Communication

Is this a task to be delegated?

How will you communicate this to the whole practice team to gain buy-in and momentum?

What follow-up will be needed to keep you informed?

  1. Obstacles

What might get in the way of testing this new idea?

What can be put in place to ensure the idea is implemented successfully?


In the next blog I will share a real-life example!

About Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson has worked her way from the ground up in optics, starting as receptionist, she moved to Dispensing Assistant and then to Dispensing Optician, then Store Manager then Group Manager. This has given her a unique insight into the workings of Independent Optical Practices. At Practice Building she has found a home for sharing her innovative ideas for making running Independent Optical practices efficiently, profitable and enjoyable.

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