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How to make the staff meeting work

By on November 5, 2014

Have your team meetings turned into a whinge fest?

Do you do all the talking while the team sit and pretend they are listening?

Do they appear to agree to do what you want……. and then don’t?


You need RESCUE


RESCUE is a model that you can use whenever you want to get people to explore a topic no matter how contentious and then commit to taking action.


I wrote the model originally as a tool for me to use when I was thinking about how to mediate a meeting between two parties who had apparently conflicting needs and it has since become a powerful model for managing all sorts of meetings and ensuring plans are adhered to.


RESCUE Stands for ….


R – Reconnect

E – Explore Needs

S – Synergise

C – Confidence Check

U – Understandings and Undertakings

E – End on a High

and here is a quick look at each of the steps.


R- Reconnect

Spend time reconnecting the team with the overarching vision of why you are working together. Explore progress towards your already stated goals and celebrate the successes of those who are playing their part well.

It is important to recognise that every person who is sat in the room has a part to play, so make sure that they are all encouraged to participate by asking them open questions and listening attentively to their answers.


E – Explore Needs

This section starts with a review of the needs of the organisation with respect to a particular goal and then a review of what each individual feels they need in order to play their part in delivering it.


It is OK at this point if different people’s needs appear to clash or contradict those of other team members.


S- Synergise

i.e. produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects

The keys to the synergise section is to consider how you can all act together to achieve the organisational goal in the easiest, fastest, least expensive way while ensuring that each individual’s needs are met.

It requires the meeting leader to explore new ideas by asking great questions and challenge everyone to be involved by valuing their constructive suggestions.

It’s also a good idea to remind the group that this is a place for new thinking not falling back on old excuses.


At the end of Synergise you should have a clear idea of how the group and individual needs can be met.


C- Confidence Check

Here we want to establish that everyone is confident that the plans made in synergise will actually bare fruit.

I often ask people to tell the group how confident they are on a scale of 1 to 10 and if they are less than 10 explore why that may be and what can done about it.


U – Undertakings and Understandings


In this step everyone is encouraged to say exactly what they are undertaking to deliver and by when, this public declaration of intent helps to ensure that the jobs get done.


Clarify and express new thinking and commitments in order to ensure that there are no reasons why the action plan cannot be followed.


E- End on a High

Thank people for their contribution, paint a clear picture of the success that lies ahead and re-iterate your confidence in them to deliver.

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Practice Building Founder Andy Clark has extensive experience of the business of optics with both the multiples and the Independent sector, he is an award winning educator with a passion for creating learning experiences that have lasting value.

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