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Opticians: Test, Test and Test Again

By on November 5, 2014
How Testing and Measuring New Ideas Can Drive Independent Practice Growth.We all know that for all their success, the multiples are far less flexible in business than independents. They tend to have fixed prices, fixed incentives, fixed product offerings and fixed service, all of which are largely governed by group profits and to some degree, time. Fortunately for us, we have no such restrictions. We have the capability and the freedom to choose our own path and test new ideas.Unfortunately for independent opticians this can be where the problem lies. “So where do I get these new ideas from, which ones should I test and how do I do that?” I hear you ask. When a range of options present themselves, it is often easier and can feel safer to stick with what you know. But what if testing that new idea makes a dramatic difference to the bottom line? If you knew it would, would you do it?There is a temptation to say, “What if it doesn’t work?” and to that I would answer, “What if it does?”Remember that change and development happens in optics, in retail and in business at large. No decision needs to be permanent. If something doesn’t work, change it.Want some specific examples and ideas?

Look out for part 2 of this blog where I will share the the simple criteria to use when testing a new idea.

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Rebecca Thompson has worked her way from the ground up in optics, starting as receptionist, she moved to Dispensing Assistant and then to Dispensing Optician, then Store Manager then Group Manager. This has given her a unique insight into the workings of Independent Optical Practices. At Practice Building she has found a home for sharing her innovative ideas for making running Independent Optical practices efficiently, profitable and enjoyable.

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