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Word of Mouth by Design not by Accident

By on February 4, 2015
OK so you rely on Word of Mouth to attract new customers but what are people saying when they talk about you?


Jane and Sally are sat having a coffee and Jane asks Sally about her recent visit to your practice.The first words that spring to Sally’s mind will relate to the people, actions and things that made an impression on her emotionally, and as she tells her story these emotions will be fully demonstrated in her expression, gestures and voice.By the time Sally has finished her tale Jane will have already decided if she would like to feel that way too, and if she does she will be booking an appointment with you very soon.

If emotionally charged stories are the heart of word of mouth marketingit would be prudent to have a plan to ensure that everyone who visits your practice leaves with a great story to tell.

Set Standards

Get your team to analyse every step of the customer journey and ask them how they can create a memorable moment, to plan how will they create an experience that customers will want to talk about.

Record these ideas and turn them into non – negotiable standards so that when your customers leave they are inspired to find someone to share their story with.


About Andy Clark

Practice Building Founder Andy Clark has extensive experience of the business of optics with both the multiples and the Independent sector, he is an award winning educator with a passion for creating learning experiences that have lasting value.

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