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Red or Green?

By on March 4, 2015

If you are on the red you are considered to be better at eye exams than dispensing, and you may well…

  • be justifiably proud of the standards of clinical care that you offer
  • have lots of elderly, worried patients on twelve month appointments who don’t need or want new specs
  • struggle to get time off because your patients will only see you
  • understand why people NEED new specs
  • have a poor  conversion rate
  • have a low to zero gross profit

If you are on the green you are considered to be better at dispensing than you are at eye exams and you may well…

  • find it easy to sell specs providing you are offering good value
  • worry that customer loyalty is a thing of the past
  • be happy with your conversion rate
  • sell at an average order value that suits your town
  • understand why people WANT new specs
  • understand that no change doesn’t mean no new specs

If you are balanced you are considered to good at both and you may well..

  • be sleeping at night
  • be making good profits
  • have a serious strategic advantage over your competition

If you would like to know if you are on the red, on the green or balanced, book a call and ask us about NPS2 surveys.

The only way to know what people think is to ask them.


About Andy Clark

Practice Building Founder Andy Clark has extensive experience of the business of optics with both the multiples and the Independent sector, he is an award winning educator with a passion for creating learning experiences that have lasting value.

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