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Spring Time – A Time to Grow Your Business

By on April 14, 2015
Although the thermometer may suggest otherwise Spring has arrived and with it a sense of optimism, newness and rebirth. A time to clean, to tidy and plan for longer days ahead.

With temperatures rising now is the time to open our doors and welcome our local community in to their local Opticians. A simple , fun and effective way to do this is to offer a Free Spectacle Spring Clean. It provides a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with existing customers and showcase your products and services to new customers.Personally I always relish the chance to perform my “ magic “ on a customer`s specs.Whether it is a simple spectacle makeover or resurrecting a pair back from the dead, it is a great way to get to know people, to hear about their work, their families , holiday plans etc.

The Spring Clean is not just a chance to build relationships but also an invaluable marketing opportunity that would generally cost many thousands of pounds.

If offered in a professional and obliging way, in a spirit of help and advice ,this free service will create champions of your brand. In the days, weeks and months ahead these “ brand ambassadors “ will drive new business through your doors in a way you could never have imagined. People rarely forget simple acts of kindness especially if they are free.

Here are my tips for a successful Spectacle Spring Clean:

1.     Produce a postcard size flyer advertising the FREE service – frame adjustment and reshaping; screw tightening and securing; lens cleaning.

2.     Use your most skilled “ frame technician “ who enjoys showing off their skills. Make it fun and enjoyable.

3.     Make comments and observations on a customer`s specs. Offer tips and advice such as handling or what to consider when buying the next pair of specs. Be honest. Be genuine. Be helpful, not pushy. Do not try to sell.

4.     Create a dedicated adjustment/repair area with the right tools, cleaning solution and cloth. Customers love to see the expert at work so show off your skills and created a little retail theatre.

5.     Provide a free cleaning spray and cloth and invite the customer back anytime.

Businesses are built from the test room but never underestimate the power to grow your business through a quality, professional and accessible after sales service.


Nicholas Abercrombie FBDO

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