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The Exponential Power of 1

By on April 30, 2015
The Exponential Power of 1 (EP1) is the process by which any optician can add real and consistent turnover growth in a simple and manageable way and without the need for any capital outlay.

EP1 is not an experiment or the latest fad but a real, practical, tried and tested way of growing turnover in any Optical Retailer large or small.Ask yourself this. If you sell 5 pairs of specs a day what is stopping you selling 6?If you sell 10 is it beyond the capabilities of your team to sell 11 a day?

Imagine if you did sell an extra pair every day at say an average price of £150 your annual turnover could increase by £45,000 !

EP1 begins with a clear target to sell ONE more pair of specs per day, every day.

Behaviours, habits and systems need to be identified, a training plan designed and implemented all with the singular aim of making that one extra sale.

With a plan, clear communication, focus and a determination to apply the new behaviours consistently EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK OF EVERY MONTH that one extra dispense you did today would be replicated tomorrow and the day after that.

Whatever you have done differently to generate one extra sale you can replicate to generate two and then three. So that £45K becomes £90K and then £135K !!

CONGRATULATIONS you have just found the key to your own little gold mine.

If you have provided a professional service and generated these extra sales with integrity, all of these happy customers will tell their family and friends and hey presto your pot of gold has grown once more, grown exponentially.


The Exponential Power of 1 = doing 1 thing better over the course of I day to generate 1 more sale

EP1 is the gift that keeps on giving

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