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The Leader’s Mirror

By on April 14, 2015
I often get people calling complaining that their team isn’t motivated, that they’re not driven and that they’re not passionate about their work.

In nearly every case when we look closer the main reason for this is that the Boss isn’t motivated, driven or passionate either.It may be that the team are like this because the boss sets a bad example, or the Boss may claim to be dispirited because the team are so grumpy, in truth it’s both and it’s a dangerous downward spiral.

What if your team are a mirror image of whom you are choosing to be, and they will never be more passionate than you?

As a leader you have no excuses, you are not allowed bad hair days, if you don’t like your team’s approach, the way to change it is to go to work on yours.

About Andy Clark

Practice Building Founder Andy Clark has extensive experience of the business of optics with both the multiples and the Independent sector, he is an award winning educator with a passion for creating learning experiences that have lasting value.

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