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By on June 19, 2015
As mentioned in a previous blog “The Art Of Invitation”, marketing your practice is all about producing material that reflects and demonstrates your strengths, and that has the ability to attract and invite potential and existing customers in to your store.

Its purpose is to attract those new patients who have yet to experience really fantastic eye care, and to invite those that you know already to spend more time and money with you, more often, because they want to, because you make your offering so attractive and compelling they just wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.More and more practices are seeing the value in these invitations, yet how many are getting real results?The art of invitation is subtle and requires a thorough understanding of both the optical market and optical consumers. The creative design (look and feel) of the marketing materials are important. They have to be aesthetically pleasing, reflect your brand and look professional (DIY marketing is NEVER a great idea). Yet equally important when searching for a marketing provider is that they have a thorough understanding of how to use these materials to best effect, and how to get actual, measurable results with them.

It’s all very well paying for a pretty picture with your logo on to sit in the practice window; but if it’s not getting results you have wasted your money.

About Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson has worked her way from the ground up in optics, starting as receptionist, she moved to Dispensing Assistant and then to Dispensing Optician, then Store Manager then Group Manager. This has given her a unique insight into the workings of Independent Optical Practices. At Practice Building she has found a home for sharing her innovative ideas for making running Independent Optical practices efficiently, profitable and enjoyable.

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