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Modelling Excellence – Loaf

By on November 10, 2016

I’ve often heard people say that working in optics is a little like working within a bubble, and great as that can be, it’s good to step outside it occasionally and see what other brands in other industries are doing. When we model the excellence of another, be it a person or a business we are taking careful note of what they say, what they do, how they behave and how they present themselves. By doing this we can begin to understand, and then perhaps emulate those factors which are contributing to their success.

I recently came across a brand that I hadn’t seen before, and reflecting on my experience I realised there was lot we could learn from modelling them.

Its Google listing says exactly what it does – “seriously comfy sofas”

I needed some new sofas, and comfort was a definite requirement so when I searched for comfy sofas I was presented with Loaf as the number one option.

They have a story

They use clear, unambiguous language to talk about what they do, why they do it, what motivates them and how they got to where they are today. As a customer looking for a comfy sofa, I fully bought in to the story of Loaf. The desire to purchase was there before I had fully looked at their products.

They shout about what they stand for

Being so clear about their values means that people who value the same things are attracted to them. They will look products frequently, buy them, love them and tell their friends about them.

Their brand values and beliefs carry through EVERY part of the experience

They not only state clearly what they believe in, they LIVE IT too. The look and feel of the website, the products they sell, the samples they mail, the emails they send; all are geared to communicate those brand values and beliefs. As a customer searching for a comfy sofa, I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail too – they send out a sachet of hot chocolate to enjoy as you peruse the samples.

When looking the brand from this perspective it’s easy to see why I was so enthused and wished only to have one of their sofas in my living room – and that is one of the key learning points; when looking at your own brand with a view to improve customer experience, it is of the upmost importance that you view it from the point of view of a customer. A customer perhaps who doesn’t really know anything about eye exams or glasses, a customer who doesn’t care which lens brand you use; a customer that just wants some good advice and a lovely pair of specs, for a fair price.

About Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson has worked her way from the ground up in optics, starting as receptionist, she moved to Dispensing Assistant and then to Dispensing Optician, then Store Manager then Group Manager. This has given her a unique insight into the workings of Independent Optical Practices. At Practice Building she has found a home for sharing her innovative ideas for making running Independent Optical practices efficiently, profitable and enjoyable.

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