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How We Work

Practice Building specialises in bespoke business development for independent practice owners.

Our Goal – To ensure a secure a profitable future for the Independent Optical Sector

Our Values – We only do what makes a real difference!

The Challenge for Independents

1 Most independent practice owners find themselves unprepared for the challenge of building a successful business in a highly competitive rapidly changing environment.

2 There is an overwhelming amount of business advice available in books, on-line and in workshops, so much so that sifting through it all to find the ideal solution to their current challenge is almost impossible.

3 Even if they do find a likely solution they often struggle to implement it.

Practice Building’s Unique Solution

Practice Building Coaches are opticians who have run successful practices and are also talented business analysts, coaches and trainers.

They work with each client to carefully investigate the current situation, create a detailed plan to rectify it and then ensure its implementation with a bespoke mix of training, coaching and support for each step.

How We Work

1 Review

All Practice Building Coaches are experienced opticians and consequently you will find that their approach is very similar to one that you would use with your patients.

History and Symptoms
Your Practice Building Coach will take a full history and symptoms for you and your practice, focussing on the results that you would like to achieve.

Your coach will then use the 4D model to review your practice and note areas where improvements can be made.

Your coach will then bring together and discuss the results of the investigation with you and recommend a process to create the changes that you desire.

2 Plan

Together you will agree on the details of a plan, a realistic timeline for their implementation and the resources and support that will be required to ensure your success.
Generally, it is better to prioritise the lower levels of 4D before the higher ones and work from left to right in each level.
While all areas will be considered in the investigation, the plan may only need to visit a few of them.


3 Implementation

Practice Building will assist you every step of the way by offering you a bespoke combination of the following

Coaching – Your coach will be a highly supportive colleague who will challenge and encourage you to clarify your thinking, make decisions, and keep the plan running to time

Training – There is no training method more powerful than learning exactly what you need when you need it and then having your tutor with you while you apply your new skills.

Support – If you don’t have the time or the desire to learn a particular skill you might delegate it to us rather than neglect the task, for example most opticians don’t have the time or expertise to design effective hish quality marketing and therefore use the Practice Building studio instead.

The Practice Building Toolbox – you will have access to a comprehensive collection of tried and tested tools for every step of your Practice Building Projects

Click a Coach to book your Complimentary Consultation,

You’re in safe hands with the Practice Building experts. Just bring along your hot topic and we’ll listen to your symptoms, investigate the condition, and recommend a solution that will make you and your business perform better.


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