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The Studio

The home of fabulous bespoke marketing for Independent Opticians.

Here’s How it Works

There are Three Ways to do Marketing DIY, DFY and DWY.

Introducing your Marketing Team



Strategy Coach (loves brand prisms more than diamonds)
Works with you to create your campaign calendar, refine the messages and implement them effectively.
Creative Bods (so in-tune they’re practically psychic)
This is the team you can trust to create the key messages that will deliver your campaign objectives.
Designers (own every shade of Sharpie ever invented)
With an artistic eye for what works, they understand to use the psychology of colour and form to create impactful artwork.
Copywriters (think typo spotting is a genuine hobby)
Have the power to write words that inspire, motivate and convince your customers using a tone of voice that uniquely yours.
Website Whizz (dreams in code)
Has the specialist skills to set up, maintain and update an effective website so you’re always online and in view.
Digital and Social Media Guru (knows their twits from their tweets)
They’re here to make sure everyone from Alan to Zelda knows who you are and what your latest news is, whether they’re into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
Project Manager (a lover of tick boxes and natural herder of cats)
It’s their job to ensure that your campaign is already on time before it’s even started.

First We Create Your own Unique Branding

Our branding experts will review and where needed redefine your branding, including your logo, fonts, colour palettes and graphic elements.


& A Complete Media Kit

We will create design rules and templates for all the media that you might use, so your brand is instantly recognised.



So we can Develop Multi-platform Campaigns

Each campaign is designed for print and digital implementation as you require. It can include all of the elements needed to attract new customers and also build stronger relationships with your existing database.

We then work with you to create your plan

Working closely with your coach, you will create a timeline for the campaigns that will deliver your strategic plan.

& Now we create your campaigns

We know you’re busy (and probably aren’t that turned on by the details of marketing!). So the great news here is that when you work with the Practice Building Studio team, you actually won’t have that much to do.

Isn’t it Time You Spoke to the Practice Building Studio About Your Marketing?

Click a Coach to book your complimentary marketing planning session

You’re in safe hands with the Practice Building experts. Just bring along your hot topic and we’ll listen to your symptoms, investigate the condition, and recommend a solution that will make you and your business perform better.


You made need to try all of us to find a time that suits, we’re really busy ay the moment.